Key Takeaways:

  • Manifestation coaching provides guidance and support in manifesting desired outcomes in life through mindset shifts and action steps.
  • Kristen Jenna is a highly recommended manifestation coach known for her expertise in helping individuals align their thoughts, emotions, and actions with their desired manifestations.
  • Xandrine offers manifestation coaching with a focus on self-love, empowering individuals to create a positive mindset and attract abundance into their lives.
  • Melanie Verstraete specializes in manifestation coaching and helps individuals overcome limiting beliefs and create a clear vision for manifesting their goals.

Manifestation coaching is all about helping people achieve their desires and goals. Coaches in this field aim to help people use their thoughts, emotions and beliefs to get what they really want in life. They do this using techniques like visualization, affirmations and energy work.

The goal of manifestation coaching is to give people control of their lives and make positive changes. Coaches act as mentors and facilitators, guiding people along the way. Specialized coaching sessions help people identify and clear any blocks that might be holding them back. This opens them up to all the abundance and success they want.

Another unique part of manifestation coaching is the law of attraction. Coaches help people understand and use this principle, which states that like attracts like. By developing positive thoughts, emotions and actions, people can bring positive experiences and outcomes into their lives. Manifestation coaches help people create strategies and practices to follow this law.

The history of manifestation coaching goes back to ancient philosophies and spiritual traditions. However, it’s only recently become popular with the growth of the personal development industry and people’s interest in the law of attraction. Now, people are seeking out manifestation coaches for their expertise.

Kristen Jenna

Kristen Jenna is a top-notch manifestation coach. She helps people make their wishes come true. Kristen knows how powerful manifesting is. She teaches techniques and activities to access inner power and change lives. She is an expert in energy alignment, visualization, and manifestation rituals.

Kristen’s approach to manifestation coaching is more than just positive sayings and hoping. She stresses the significance of matching thoughts, convictions, and feelings with the desired result. By controlling the universe’s energy and using activities such as thankfulness and visualization, Kristen helps clients build a solid attitude and draw success, wealth, and joy into their lives.

What sets Kristen apart is her dedication to her customers’ development and transformation. She provides tailored guidance and help, adapting her techniques to each person’s special needs and objectives. Kristen’s understanding of people lets her spot any boundaries or limiting beliefs that might prevent manifestation. She helps her clients discard these and develop a clear pathway to their dreams.

If you want to bring your dreams to life and live in abundance and joy, Kristen Jenna is the manifestation coach for you. Her proven methods and dedicated assistance will give you the power to access your whole potential and invoke the life you really want. Give yourself a chance to work with Kristen and experience the transformative power of manifesting yourself.


Xandrine is an amazing manifestation coach. She has knowledge and expertise to help people change their lives. People have reached their goals with her techniques.

Her qualities make her stand out from other coaches. She has a personalized approach, pays attention to details, and is committed to her clients’ success. Xandrine is passionate about helping others manifest their desires. This passion and dedication has led to a high success rate and a good reputation.

Melanie Verstraete

Melanie Verstraete is a well-known manifestation coach. She knows how to make people reach their goals. She has a strong comprehension of the power of manifestation. She guides people through the process. Her coaching style is effective and makes a real difference in people’s lives. It helps them manifest their dreams. Melanie’s experience and enthusiasm for helping others makes her a highly sought-after coach.

Marissa Moon

Marissa Moon is one of the top manifestation coaches. She helps people bring their dreams to life. Marissa provides support and shows them how to achieve their goals.

We can create a table to show Marissa’s skills. It lists the techniques she uses, such as visualization, affirmations, and goal setting.

We should also discuss her experience, success stories, and philosophy. This adds depth to our understanding of Marissa.

Lastly, let’s share a story of Marissa’s work. It will help us understand the positive impact she has had on people’s lives. It will also show us the real-life transformations she helps create.

Rachel Gibler

Rachel Gibler is a renowned manifestation coach. She has helped many people achieve their goals and change their lives. Her personalised approach combines proven techniques with specific guidance. It allows clients to access their inner power and realise their dreams.

Her coaching style empowers people to identify and surpass their limitations. Rachel gives valuable information and strategies to help her clients stay in tune with their goals. She helps them build up a clear vision, set achievable objectives, and take motivated action. Rachel’s coaching is motivating, supportive, and results-oriented.

Rachel goes further than typical manifestation coaching. She incorporates holistic practices and spiritual principles into her work. She encourages self-care, mindfulness, and gratitude in the manifestation process. Rachel thinks a strong mind-body-spirit connection is necessary for success. She provides tools to help clients cultivate this connection. Her holistic approach helps individuals manifest their desires, and also promotes personal growth and wellness.


Rachel Gibler has been featured in Forbes and The Huffington Post for her expert knowledge in manifestation coaching.

Maria Concha

Maria Concha is a sought-after coach in the field of manifestation. She helps individuals manifest their dreams through her professional and informative approach. Her success rate and positive testimonials show her ability to assist others in their manifestation journey.

Her expertise covers various aspects of manifestation, such as visualization, affirmations and energy alignment. Maria’s coaching programs focus on mindset and belief systems, helping people shift their perspectives and overcome limiting beliefs.

The table below highlights the key areas covered in Maria Concha’s coaching services:

Element Expertise
Visualization Guiding clients in visualizing their desired outcomes and utilizing the power of imagination.
Affirmations Teaching effective affirmation techniques to program the subconscious mind for success.
Energy Alignment Assisting clients in aligning their energy with their desires to attract positive manifestations.
Mindset Transformation Helping individuals identify and overcome limiting beliefs for enhanced manifestation results.

Maria Concha has a unique approach to manifestation. She goes deep into the mindset and belief systems that can influence manifestation outcomes. Through her guidance, clients gain a holistic understanding of the manifestation process. Maria’s dedication to her clients’ success and her ability to provide practical tools and mindset transformation make her an exceptional manifestation coach.

Ximena Cardenas

Ximena Cardenas is a renowned manifestation coach. She brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to help individuals reach their objectives. Her insightful guidance and strategies empower her clients to access the power of manifestation and unlock their full potential. Ximena has become highly sought-after for her unique approach to coaching.

Her expertise lies in helping individuals achieve desired outcomes through the power of manifestation. She provides customized guidance to each client, ensuring their specific needs are met. Ximena’s dedication to her clients’ success is evident in the transformative results they achieve under her guidance.

Lea Fuentes

Lea Fuentes is a renowned manifestation coach. She has great skills in helping people achieve their dreams. Lea understands the law of attraction & the power of the mind. She helps her clients access their inner potential and turn dreams into reality. She gives practical tools & techniques to align goals, thoughts, beliefs & actions.

Lea is sought-after for her deep understanding of the law of attraction & visualization. She creates strong beliefs & an empowering mindset. She helps people overcome self-limiting beliefs & tap into their ability to manifest abundance. She guides them to have a clear vision & focused mindset, for successful manifestation.

Lea’s approach to coaching involves self-reflection & inner alignment. She aids in identifying & releasing subconscious blocks & resistance. Her holistic technique combines practical tools with inner healing & personal growth. This ensures a comprehensive journey towards manifestation success.

Sarah is one example of Lea’s success. She had difficulty manifesting her desired career. Lea helped her gain clarity & address fears that were holding her back. With Lea’s support & strategies, Sarah experienced a shift in her mindset & began attracting her dream career. Today Sarah is thriving & credits Lea for her success.

Amanda Suga

Amanda Suga is renowned as one of the best manifestation coaches in the industry. With her experience and expertise in helping individuals attain their dreams, she is a treasured asset. Her exclusive approach combines practical techniques with spiritual principles – a complete framework for successful manifestation. Through her coaching, Amanda helps clients identify their goals, conquer limiting beliefs, and take inspired action to manifest their desires. Her passion for aiding others to reach their aspirations makes her a sought-after manifestation coach.

Amanda Suga provides a range of services to back up individuals on their manifestation journey. From one-on-one coaching sessions to workshops and courses, she offers a personalized and transformative experience. She teaches how to control thoughts and beliefs to match desired outcomes. By instructing manifestation techniques and understanding the underlying principles, she empowers her clients to create lasting, positive change. Her comprehensive approach and commitment to success distinguish her as a top manifestation coach.

Amanda Suga stands out from other manifestation coaches due to her ability to connect deeply with her clients. She has a natural intuition and compassionate nature, enabling her to understand their unique needs and struggles. She then customizes her coaching approach to each individual, providing personalized strategies and support. Amanda is devoted to her clients’ growth and transformation, making sure they have the tools, knowledge, and motivation to manifest their desires and create the life they envision. By using her expertise and concern for her clients’ well-being, Amanda Suga remains a trusted and influential figure in the field of manifestation coaching.

Mia Belle

Mia Belle is a top-notch manifestation coach. She has vast knowledge and experience in teaching people to achieve their goals through manifesting. She uses the law of attraction to help her clients bring abundance, success, and happiness into their lives.


Mia Belle has helped many people change their lives by using manifestation. During one-on-one sessions, she helps people identify their goals, and align their thoughts, feelings, and actions. She works closely with each person, removing any limiting beliefs and blocks that could prevent manifesting.

Mia Belle is dedicated to personal and professional growth. She keeps up with the latest manifestation techniques so she can help her clients better. Her hard work is evident in the testimonies and successful stories she’s collected.

Mia Belle goes beyond teaching. She creates a positive and encouraging environment for her clients, building trust and confidence. With her mastery of manifesting, she helps them generate good energy and draw in the outcomes they want.

To wrap up, Mia Belle is one of the most respected manifestation coaches. Her expertise, effort, and individual approach make her a popular choice for those looking to create a life full of abundance and joy.

Conclusion: Finding the Right Manifestation Coach

Finding the right manifestation coach is key to achieving goals and manifesting desires. They help align thoughts, beliefs, and actions for creating reality. Expertise and guidance from the coach can help overcome limiting beliefs, develop a positive attitude, and habits. Practical strategies and techniques will be tailored to suit needs. Communication and interpersonal skills are essential for creating a safe and supportive environment.

Qualifications and experience should be considered when looking for a coach. Look for a proven track record of helping clients. Credentials, training, and testimonials should be checked. Recommendations from others are beneficial.

Values and beliefs should be aligned with the coach. Intuition should be trusted. A coach who motivates action should be chosen.

A consultation or session helps get a sense of the coaching style. Making an informed decision ensures a successful partnership. Finding the right coach is essential for manifesting desires.


  • ✅ Manifestation coaches help clients reprogram their subconscious beliefs, trust their intuition, set and achieve goals, overcome fears and self-doubt, unlock their potential, and embrace their authentic selves. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The most common steps in the manifestation process include clarifying goals, communicating them to the universe, taking action, acknowledging signs from the universe, maintaining a high vibration, releasing resistance, and trusting the process. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Factors to consider when choosing a manifestation coach training program include program cost, course length, and accreditation. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy is the best overall program for manifestation coach training, offering comprehensive training, step-by-step coaching systems, prosperity consciousness-raising, and secrets to business success. It is accredited by the International Coaching Federation and costs $3,900. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Certification is not required to become a manifestation coach, but it provides valuable information for building a successful business and attracting clients. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Best Manifestation Coaches

FAQs about Best Manifestation Coaches

1. What is Pursuit of Bliss and how can it help me?

Pursuit of Bliss is an online manifestation academy founded by Kristen Jenna, a manifestation expert. Through her academy, Kristen helps individuals release blocks around self-worth and money. Her teachings and resources can assist you in aligning with abundance and achieving your desired level of success.

2. Can you tell me more about the Training Programs for manifestation coaches?

There are several reputable training programs available for manifestation coaches. Some recommended options include the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy, Transformation Academy, and The Centre for Healing. These programs provide comprehensive training for individuals seeking to become manifestation coaches and help clients achieve their goals.

3. How does group coaching help in manifesting goals?

Group coaching can be a powerful tool in manifesting goals. By participating in a group coaching setting, individuals have the opportunity to share and receive support from others who are on a similar journey. This collective energy can amplify manifestation processes and provide a synchronistic fit for growth and transformation.

4. What does it mean to embrace your authentic self with the help of a manifestation coach?

Embracing your authentic self with the guidance of a manifestation coach involves reframing your beliefs and stepping into your true power. A manifestation coach can assist in identifying and releasing limiting beliefs, helping you connect with your intuition, and guiding you towards a life that aligns with your core values and desires.

5. How can I find a manifestation coach accepting clients?

To find a manifestation coach who is currently accepting clients, you can explore online coaching directories, social media platforms, and coaching websites. Many manifestation coaches openly advertise their availability and offer free consultations to determine if their coaching style and approach align with your needs and goals.

6. What can I expect from Jerica Glasper’s online coaching program based on the Law of Assumption?

Jerica Glasper offers an online coaching program that is based on the Law of Assumption, inspired by Neville Goddard’s teachings. In her program, she uses transformational techniques to help spiritual growth enthusiasts and conscious women entrepreneurs manifest their desires. The program focuses on shifting subconscious beliefs, practicing intuition, and creating a mindset for success.